Itunes Error 53 related to non original parts

Any iPhones or iPads with finger print touch or copy screen been changed if customers update their device to iOS 9 it will kill device, new Apple security.

A soon as you restore them they brick with non original home button or Chinese COPY LCD. If you put back original button then it will restore fine

Any error 53 is a guaranteed swap out as they cannot resync a new home button if the phone doesn't work. Also if the home button is faulty or not plugged in the device will not power up

If you unplug while on the phone will often crash and won't boot until battery is disconnected and the home button plugged in.

I have  had a customer with an Iphone 5c and a copy lcd whose 5c crashed after restore.  Similar with the actual 4013 error on iOS 8, is generally down to a copy (not original / oem) part inside the phone usually the home button or the lcd.

Replace all with original parts and the phone will restore!

Keep this in mind when offering repair services to customers and selling phones with warranties.

Links to people with this issue on apple website:




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