Octopus Suite v1.1.1

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Octopus Box

Octopus Suite v1.1.1 is out! Added Reset Pattern Lock for the following Sony Ericsson phones: R800, R800a, R800at, R800i, R800x, Z1i, LT15i, LT15a, LT15at, SO-01C, MT15i, MT15a, ST18i, ST18a, SO-03C, ST15i, ST15a, SK17i, SK17a, ST17i, ST17a, WT19i, WT19a, SO-02C.

Octopus Suite v1.1.1 Release Notes

  • Added Reset Pattern Lock for the following Sony Ericsson phones:
    • Z1i
    • MT15i, MT15a
    • LT15i, LT15a, LT15at
    • SO-01C, SO-02C, SO-03C
    • SK17i, SK17a, WT19i, WT19a
    • R800, R800a, R800at, R800i, R800x
    • ST18i, ST18a, ST17i, ST17a, ST15i, ST15a
  • Added Direct Unlock, Read/Write/Repair NVM for Huawei E158 FW 11.609.18.01.158.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.

Note! To reset phone's Pattern Lock just press "Reset Pattern Lock" button and follow the software instructions. There is no need to enable USB debugging.

Important! Note that resetting Pattern Lock of the above-mentioned SE phones for owners of Octopus Box or Medusa Box is FREE. If you don't own Octopus Box, you'll have to pay 1 credit per resetting Pattern Lock of one phone.

Octopus Team is endlessly grateful to customers who were actively involved in improving this software.

Download Octopus Suite v1.1.1

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