Octopus Suite v1.0.6

Octopus Box

Octopus Suite v1.0.6 is out! Added Write Firmware procedure for Huawei E153 and Huawei E173 with new security type.

Octopus Suite v1.0.6 Release Notes

  • Added Write Firmware procedure for Huawei E153 (tested on E153u-1 and E153u-3) and Huawei E173 (tested on E173u-1) mobile devices with enabled emergency RAM access.
  • UNLOCKED firmwares for E153 and E173 are uploaded to the support area.
  • Released some improvements in the main software.

Please note!

If you have E153u-1, E153u-3, E173u-1 devices with unsupported for unlock firmware version, you can re-flash your device with UNLOCKED firmware from the support area. As result, your device will be unlocked!

Write Firmware feature is available only for Octopus/Medusa card owners only (Octopus/Medusa box should be connected to your PC).

Download Octopus Suite v1.0.6

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