Samsung Omnia2 Touch Calibration Stuck

If the touch calibration on your Samsung Omnia 2 is stuck (loop) and you cannot get out of it. Here is the solution:

  • Download the latest activesync and connect your mda to your computer and verify your device is connected(not as guest)
  • Perform a soft/hard reset on your MDA then tap your screen to start the screen alignment wizard
  • Download the remote screen alignment tool attached and install it on your machine.
  • Download the wiza200.txt file attached and rename it to WIZA200.dat then put it in the C:\Program Files\Code Factory\Remote Screen Alignment directory on your computer
  • Ensure your MDA is connected to your pc(A green activesync Icon usually indicates a connection :P)
  • Open the remote screen alignment tool on your pc meanwhile your phone be displaying the alignment screen wizard.
  • Click SKIP in the screen alignment tool.

Assuming everything went fine a message box displaying "The operation has been completed successfully. Your device will be restarted." should pop up on your computer and your device should restart. Afterwards your phone will run the files it always does when you do a soft/hard reset then you touch screen should be properly calibrated and work fine.

Attached Files
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File Type: txt WIZA200.txt 


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