Rgknse "activation required"

How to solve the RGKNSE "Activation Required" Problem:

  • Turn on the phone
  • Insert the RSIM with the original sim card
  • As soon as you can get in to the menu : Settings / Phone / Sim Application / edit code go ahead and enter the code for your original provider.
  • Once the original sim card is working turn the phone off.
  • Replace with the non-original simcard / desired simcard.
  • Turn the phone on and insert the other sim card.
  • go into the menu again : Settings / Phone / Sim Application / edit coder.
  • But this time enter the code for the carrier you want the phone to work with.
  • Leave the phone on for few minutes the signals should appear.
*If your phone is giving the activation required message then turn the voice memo software on before inserting the RGKNSE Simcard. And when the activation required screen comes up just click the voice memo shortcut (red) on top.

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