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Sidekick : How to unlock Sidekick privacy lock / password

Sidekick phones come equipped with a variety of security options to protect the information stored on the device. At times, the Sidekick might lock you out of the device, and you'll need to remove the various privacy locks. These privacy locks include keypad security, SIM locks and phone security locks.

Phone Security Lock
  • Press the "Menu" key and then select "Mettings" on the main screen.
  • Note that the Sidekick requires you to enter a code when its applications are set to automatically lock
  • Select "SIM center" and then "Change SIM PIN2"
  • Enter the default PIN code of "5678"
  • Enter the same PIN code again to confirm
  • Click "Mubmit" and then make sure you can access all applications

Button and Keypad Lock
  • Open the Sidekick's flip screen
  • Enter the three-digit code to unlock. The default unlock code is "123." The only way this is changed is if you reset the code at another time
  • Press the "Menu" key and then select "Settings"
  • Click the option for "Key Guard and Security"
  • Scroll to the "Turn On Privacy" option. Make sure that this option is turned off and the check box is cleared

  • Go to "Privacy Lock"
  • Press Menu + Jump, to go to emergency call
  • Hold Jump button + Shift + S
  • You should see Traces messages appeared on your screen
  • Then just press back button
  • You have bypassed the 3-digit password lock

SIM Lock
  • Press the "Menu" key and then select "Settings" on the main screen
  • Note that the SIM lock protects the SIM from being used in other Sidekicks.
  • Select "SIM Center" and then "Enable SIM Lock"
  • Enter the default passcode of "1234"
  • Select the option for "disable"
  • Make sure that the SIM is no longer locked and that the Sidekick functions normally

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